June 30, 2011

ERP Project - Key Success Factor 10: ERP Education & Training

Organizations would realize better Return on Investment (ROI) on their ERP investment, only when the users understand how to properly use the ERP system. Extensive exposure to the new ERP system & hands-on training would help the users to lighten the anxiety that comes with the transition phase. Indeed, the more the users know the inner workings of the new ERP, the more they will become confident in their abilities to take ownership & become valuable contributors to the ERP project success.

ERP Training is one of the most under-estimated items while ERP project budgeting. This is because the users have to learn how to use the ERP software & the new set of business processes. Typically not more than 5% of the effort is dedicated for the ERP Project. The business users can use the system much better & can realize great results, if the ERP training effort is increased to 10% of the overall ERP Project effort.

The training should be timed properly - it should not be very early, such that people forget it or very late that the ERP project training phase is very close to go-live.

The Core ERP team should have the basic understanding of ERP system & process at the start of the project itself, to contribute to the creation of a valid ERP Blueprint for the organization. ERP Blueprint would define the individual business process involved in every relevant operation in the organization. The business owners should be trained on the business functions that are relevant to their specific area of responsibility. The core team members should be trained to train the end business users as well.

The team members should carry out tasks in the test environment to validate that all the business requirements are in place in the new ERP. The team should enter the real transaction data & execute real life scenarios in the new ERP to confirm the required data accuracy & result. The project team needs to perform a final test on the data & processes once training is complete and make the necessary adjustments, if any.

ERP Training Phase include
s the following:

1) ERP Training Plan for the Team members
  • Prepare training plan for all user levels - Core-team member / end business user / maintenance team
  • Assess the skills-gap user-level wise & plan for upgrade (if any) before starting the training
  • Draft the Training Documentation
2) Train the users at all levels
  • Begin the training activities for all the users sequentially as below:
  • ERP Core team member training - “Train the Trainer” Model
a) Basic training on the ERP system & process at the project start, to create proper ERP Blueprint
b) Education & training on Business process, Modules, transaction workflow, MIS
c) Training on the conference room pilot
d) Training to manage the end user training & support
  • ERP End business user training
a) Basic training on the ERP system & process for better understanding of the ERP usage & benefits
b) Role based education & training on Business process, Modules, transaction workflow, MIS
  • ERP Maintenance team training
a) Training to manage the ERP master setup & administration, user rights, data / server backup & restore
b) Problem resolution (adding hardware capacity, process & procedure changes, user acceptance, retraining, additional training)
c) Training to manage SLAs with the ERP Implementation Support Vendor

3) Training Calendar

  • Set recurring training budget
  • Plan refresher training program
  • Periodic review of training requirements
  • Set & execute the action plan to fix the users skills level gaps for the proper usage of the ERP system


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