February 11, 2011

Important Skills of an ERP Consultant

The most important skills of an ERP Consultant are:

1) Expectation Management:

Managing the client expectation is the most important skill. In reality, this is very challenging, given that the customer wish lists keep growing. The consultant should ensure that the critical business requirements are freezed & met and
for the rest of the requirements provide a convincing solution (within or outside ERP).

2) Communication:

It is important for the consultant to communicate better between his/her own team as well the client's team. This is to ensure that all the stakeholders are clear with their roles & perform accordingly.

3) ERP Project Implementation Expertise:

The client expects the consultant to add value in terms of best business practices etc., through their ERP Project. The consultant previous implementations are very handy in providing live business benefits to their clients, which gain them professional respect. This increases the consultant's credibility.

4) ERP Product Knowledge:

ERP Project Implementation is more a Business project than IT Project. ERP Consultant should have good product knowledge to map the business requirements (through directly / workarounds / customizations) into the ERP product. Otherwise, the client won't benefit from the ERP Project.

5) Delegation:

ERP consultant should be a good delegator / task master. He / she should be able to make all the stakeholders (client / vendor teams) meet their committed delivery in the stipulated budget / timeline.


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  2. You know we all think about this very topic You have provided the most informative and helpful information. I really learned a lot. ERP consultants bring know-how about the package and about implementation.They are responsible for adminstering each phase of implementation with desired level of quality.